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  • Carol Pann, RCS Woman of Note 2024
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jun 3 2024

    Carol Pann joined Sweet Adelines in 1985 and joined River City Sound Chorus in 2008. Carol
    has always enjoyed helping the chorus she belongs to, holding most every position on the
    Management Team. At the regional level, Carol was the Chair Regional Convention for Region
    22 for 10 years and the RMT Secretary for Region 3. She also has served as a Convention
    Assistant at International Conventions and Competitions for many years, greeting competitors
    backstage with a smile or assisting with activities in the judging pit.
    Carol is currently Membership Coordinator for River City Sound and loves to encourage and
    teach women about how Sweet Adelines has enriched her life. Her desire to learn along with
    her dedication to River City Sound is ongoing and unstoppable as evidenced by her decision to
    complete the Directors Certification Program (DCP) during the pandemic, thus qualifying her to
    become an Approved Director.
    When Carol is not busy “trying to learn “TEXT” (one of RCS’s newer songs) she helps her
    husband on their farm, spends time with her six grandchildren, goes to the gym most every day,
    sings the National Anthem during the summer at the Sky Carp games in Beloit. Her interests
    include sewing, watching NFL games, and most recently, Carol has begun volunteering at the
    Beloit Hospital.
    Carol has seen many changes in Sweet Adelines over the years, but especially in visual
    communications. She loves to be able to communicate with audiences through song and has
    found new freedom through choreography and physical expression while singing!
    In being chosen as Women of Note for River City Sound, Carol says that it is “an honor and
    privilege to be chosen” but as importantly Carol’s motto about chorus
  • Merry and Bright! Sweet 15 Show on December 10
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Oct 31 2023

    Spend your Sunday afternoon getting into the holiday spirit!  Enjoy sweet treats and sweet singing as we welcome the 2008 International Quartet Champions, the Four Bettys along with our very own Holiday Chorus and Chapter Quartets to the stage.

    Doors open at 1 PM.  Show starts at 2 PM.  Desserts and coffee are provided.  We’ll have baskets to raffle off AND a 50:50 raffle.  Raffle winners will be announced at the end of the show.
    $20 for General Admission, $15 for seniors (60 and over), $10 for students (12 - 18), FREE for those below 12 years old.


  • Jae Rettig- our Women of Note 2023
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Feb 1 2023
    Jae Rettig - Joan (Jae) was born in Tripoli, Iowa. She attended Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa and after graduation eventually moved to Madison with her husband Bill. She began working at UW
    Madison and eventually became the Program Manager in charge of the research lab. She retired in 2018. While working at UW she decided she needed a hobby. She joined the Holiday Chorus at
    Yahara River Chorus and eventually joined the chorus in 2003. While singing with Yahara she dualed with Riverport competing with them in Calgary in 2007. She enjoyed singing in two choruses and so in 2011 she began singing with River City Sound as a dual member.
    In 2013 Jae decided to make River City Sound her primary chorus. Jae became our team leader and since then she has been involved in the music team, blowing the pitch pipe, assisting with the bass sectionals, co-chair of our show, and helping organize and oversee our website. As our team leader Jae is always taking on many tasks outside of her team leader responsibilities and encouraged our chorus to stay together during covid by helping with zoom rehearsals so that we were prepared to compete in Phoenix and become the 14th best chorus at International Competition.
    Jae also sings and has competed many times with Charisma! since 2006.
    Jae enjoys traveling with her husband Bill and lives in Madison with her two fur- babies Roxie and Luna. We are proud and thrilled to have Jae Rettig as our Women of Note 2023
  • River City Sound Takes 14th Place in the World
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Oct 7 2022
  • Connie Selmi Receives Region #3’s 2022 Spirit of Harmony Award
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 25 2022

    Siting her work during the Covid years, Connie Selmi was awarded the 2022 Spirit of Harmony Award for Region #3.
    Connie is a 45 year member of Sweet Adelines and has sung in 3 different choruses, Sinnissippi, Metro Mix and presently River City Sound. During the pandemic, Connie produced numerous events on zoom, including 2 Conventions, several social events and many educational seminars for the Region. She is presently the Financial Coordinator of River City Sound Chorus.
  • Region #3 Celebrates Joan Boutilier
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 25 2022
    The Midwest Harmony Region #3 celebrated Joan Boutilier, Immediate Past President of Sweet Adelines International, last weekend at their first event since the Covid pandemic. She was President of the organization during 2020-22. Joan had one of the most historically challenging years ever during this time and led the organization with poise, humility and class. River City Sound is so proud that she is "ours" !
  • 2022 River City Sound Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Feb 16 2022

    Jeanne Anderson has been a member of River City Sound Chorus since 2005.
    Jeanne is currently the assistant lead section leader, music librarian, makes sure the rehearsal site is unlocked for rehearsals and meetings, assists the costume committee when necessary, and directs her church choir. As assistant lead section leader, Jeanne, has stepped up to help the leads when our section leader was unable to attend chorus because of family obligations.
    As music librarian Jeanne makes sure all members and every guest that comes to River City Sound has access to copies of our music.
    During Covid the chorus rehearsed inside of the church Jeanne attends in Belvidere, with no cost to the chorus. Weather permitting, we used the parking lot of the church for rehearsals, which included the sounds of weed wackers, lawn mowers, sirens, motorcycles, and the occasional squirrel watching us rehearse. We were together thanks to Jeanne and that was what counted.
    Jeanne is always willing to help members with trouble spots they are having with their music. Jeanne is always sharing her love of barbershop. She even got her sister Mary to join the chorus.
    She is always promoting her love of barbershop and brings guests to the chorus quite often.
    Not sure how she does it, but she even finds time to sing in a quartet, 3/4 Time.
    Jeanne has had a challenging year. Her husband, Eric, recently had surgery and her “special friend”, Janet, who is a member of River City Sound, has been unable to attend chorus because of an illness and Jeanne makes time to visit her as often as she can.
    Jeanne is a friend to all and a definite “Woman of Note” for River City Sound and Region 3
  • Happy New Year!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 6 2022

    Happy New Year from River City Sound Chorus! 

    We are just starting back up from our winter break, and what...? Of course a Winter Weather Advisory happens! So it was back to zoom last night where we rang in the new year with physical and vocal exercises, lots of work on repertoire songs and catching up. 

    We'd love for you to join us for rehearsals weekly on Wednesdays at 6:45 CST, at the CBCBC in Belvidere, Il. If the weather is bad, we still zoom- but the zoom link will be also be open for anyone who is home because of sickness or snowbirds not around for the winter. Email us for the link if you can't come in person. Email us

  • Fall Bulb Sales ending, Spring Sale starts in March
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Dec 1 2021

    We are so thankful for all your orders this fall! We hope your first look at spring flowers are the ones you purchased from Dutch Mill Bulbs

    The Spring Sale will begin in March! 

  • Rehearsals are starting up again, INSIDE!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jul 1 2021
    Rehearsals are starting up again, INSIDE!
    Oh what JOY! Outdoor Rehearsals are ramping up and we are scheduled to return to the Belvidere CBCBC on August 4th. Thanks to Gail for bringing SPARKLERS to end our night! Happy Birthday America! We hope that you are inspired to join the fun!
    Come join us on August 4th at 6:45!  Click here for Facebook page:
  • River City Sound Chorus COVID Hero 2021
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Jan 23 2021

    Ruth Chance

    River City Sound Chorus COVID Hero 2021

    RCS is standing strong because of our members who have adapted to our current quarantineway of life. We do have an exceptional member of RCS who has gone above and beyond in our current Covid crisis. Ruth Chance is our Covid Hero.

    Ruth Chance joined River City Sound Chorus in 2014. She is a great addition to the bass section. Ruth has been a member of the management team as recording secretary for the past 3 years.

    Ruth recently started a newsletter to keep chorus members informed about what is happening with the chorus and helped out with contacting members when our membership coordinator had to take a leave. She encourages chorus members and guests to attend Zoom rehearsals.
    Ruth retired as a registered nurse this year. She was planning on retiring in March when Covidhit. The hospital begged her to stay a few extra months, which she did. Once she retired , she volunteered to do contact tracing of Covid patients in Winnebago County. When flu season
    started, she volunteered to give flu shots to the Rockford community.

    Ruth was integral in compiling a list of instructions for members to follow when we had a socially distanced gathering in the summer of 2020. Ruth has also headed the preparation of protocolsrequired by our rehearsal location so we can be ready when we begin in person rehearsals in
    the future.

    In her spare time, Ruth also takes care of her grandchildren and helps with online learning.
    Ruth is definitely an RCS hero, but also shares her talents with community and family.

  • 40 Years of Harmony
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jan 4 2021

    This year we are celebrating 40 years of harmony in the Rock Valley Area. Our chorus has had over 200 different members over the years, 5 directors, 3 A Championships, 9 AA Championships and  6 Regional Championships. The COVID-19 year has turned out to be historical in many ways. Our rehearsals have gone virtual on Zoom. Not only was our Regional contest canceled, so was our trip to Louisville, KY for the 75th Anniversary of Sweet Adelines International and Contest. We will be Region #3 Champions for 2 years in a row! We have several ways we are celebrating this year... 

  • 2020 RCS Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jan 27 2020
    River City Sound Chorus June Nicholls

    June Nicholls has been a member of SA and RCS for close to 25 years. Her welcoming personality greets and guides many a new member, and her ever-present smile can be seen at almost every
    rehearsal and event. She's danced her way to the front row of the chorus and holds a well-respected place on the music team asSection leader for the lead section.
    In addition to her singing talent, June is also a member of the visual team, assisting in leading physical warm-ups and providing valuable feedback during our evaluation exercises. June is also our main "Hair Guru", ensuring that RCS looks poised and polished on the competition stage.
    June is one of those people that takes responsibility for those little things that make chorus rehearsals and coaching sessions run smoothly. From being in charge of our mics (she's a whiz at replacing batteries on the fly!) to keeping our sound system running, June steps in to do whatever needs to be done, which
    includes hefting risers around every rehearsal. She does it with a smile on her face and, most likely, a song in her heart. Lastly, and, some would say, most importantly, June makes the
    ABSOLUTE BEST cookies to share for the holidays! She's a multi-talented individual and RCS is thrilled to recognize her as our Woman of Note. 
  • River City Sound takes 5th Regional Championship 
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Apr 20 2019

    River City Sound takes 5th Regional Championship 

    Appleton, Wi- River City Sound Chorus has captured 1st Place in the Midwest Harmony Region 3 Chorus Competition. Led by Master Director Joan Boutilier, the chorus sang All The Way and No NomNorman to win their 5th straight time.
  • 2019 RCS Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jan 27 2019

    2019 RCS Woman of Note

    This weekend the River City Sound Chorus Woman of Note was introduced at Region #3’‘s January Jamboree. Denise Gorski has been our “Team Leader” many years, as well as our “go-to person” for contact with our rehearsal hall, for being our “mom” when we are always forgetting things, and generally keeping us on our toes. She is an integral part of our bass section and a most dedicated Sweet Adeline. Congratulations Denise!
  • Meet us in St. Louis!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Oct 20 2018
    Meet us in St. Louis!
    River City Sound Chorus hit the big competition stage today after 1 1/2 year preparation. It was a fantastic time as they competed with the biggest choruses in the world. After that they cheered on director, Joan Boutilier’s Quartet Spritzer as they made it to the Quartet Finals and took 6th in the world!
  • 2018 Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Jan 27 2018

    Sue is the leader of our visual team. There is no end to her creativity. Sue and her team develop not only our “planned” moves but also teach us stage presence and how to take command.
    She offers up her time for extra rehearsals and even works individually with new members so they are comfortable with choreography and emoting the story of our music. Sue works very closely with our director, Boots, to prepare our chorus for Regional and International competitions. We visualize as she leads us through the preparation of the day, right down to the sights, smells, and emotions of being in our pattern. We are totally prepared. Sue has used countless creative props to bring out the inner performer in us and has been clad in many costumes to get the point across. She has been a bride, an 80’s chick, a cheerleader and even appeared in a shower cap and towel. She is entertaining and fun in a serious sort of way. Inspiring!

    Sue is also an integral part of our scrip writing team. She keeps us on track by covering the details but still is able to see the whole picture.

    Sue shares her creativity and time with the local GiGi’s Playhouse. GiGi’s promotes awareness of Down Syndrome through family support and community acceptance. We are so lucky to have this bundle of talent and energy all wrapped I a beautiful tenor voice in River City Sound.


  • River City Sound Chorus Sweet 10 Show
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 17 2017
    River City Sound Chorus Sweet 10 Show

    On December 10, 2018, the River City Sound Chorus will present the 10th Annual "Sweet Show"... featuring beautifully decorated tables, delicious "sweets" of all kinds, raffles, drawings and of course their Award winning Barbershop sound. Tickets are available after October 1st online on this website or from any chorus member.
  • 2017 RCS Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jan 27 2017
    River City Sound Chorus. Diane Jones
    "Jonesy" is a long time member of River City Sound Chorus, over 25 years in fact. She has held many positions in the chorus management over the years including finance coordinator and team coordinator, as well as served on many other teams and committees too numerous to list. This last year was no exception as Jonesy was our director's assistant and co-chair of our 2nd biggest fund raiser in addition to working on the choreography and show teams. She is undoubtedly most loved for the fabulous information packets she puts together for each chorus member each competition, so that would be twice this last year alone. The packet always includes a personal memento hand-crafted by her for each one of us. The amount of work that goes into producing this packet is astonishing and much appreciated. It wouldn't be competition without it. So for this and many, many other reasons, River City Sound Chorus is proud to name Diane Jones our Woman of Note for 2
  • River City Sound Chorus Places 17th in the World!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Nov 15 2016
    River City Sound Chorus Places 17th in the World!
    In October of 2016, River City Sound Chorus competed with the "Big Gals" on the International Contest Stage at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, NV.
    The chorus placed 17th of 34 choruses representing Regions around the world. The winner, Ronninge Show Chorus, has 150 singers on stage and actually sang right in front of RCS. "The Little Chorus That Could" has been ranked in the top 40 of 800+ choruses in the world for the past 8 years.
  • 2016 Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 21 2016
    River City Sound – Connie Selmi –
    Connie has been a member since 1978. She has sung lead but when we needed baris, she was there for us. Besides supplying the chorus with the best sweet corn in northern Illinois, she has brought her creativity to our team when she took on the position of Marketing Coordinator last May. She has worked tirelessly to get the word out about our chorus with her marvelous Facebook updates and promotional videos. As show chair, she organized a great team to put on a fabulous show, and her 20+ page, full color program turned our simple show program into a sophisticated, professional marketing tool. Her front row personality, positive attitude, cheerfulness, very approachable nature, and forward thinking are just a few of the attributes that make Connie Selmi River City Sound’s woman of note!!
  • 2015 Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jan 7 2015
    River City Sound - ANN PATEL -
    Ann is a 20 year member of Sweet Adelines, and has been in RCS from day one. She became the creative costume chairman, always thinking of new and bold looks. She also glitzes up the stage each year for chorus shows and has helped the chorus win many awards for the best decorated tent at an annual Rockford summer festival.
  • 2014 Woman of Note
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 7 2014
    River City Sound – KIM ANDERSON –

    Is a 23 yr member of SAI, is assistant director and baritone section leader. Kim recently enrolled in the DCP training program, and became a certified director! She is always one of the first to volunteer for fund raisers and assist with any chorus task.
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